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Spaces are limited so do register. Revved up from F1 Singapore? Discover why music matters with some of the most promising artists and bands from home and around the world.

In the 14th edition, it's six big nights, 15 countries, and 50 live acts. Support your favourites and chance on new finds at this major music stage. We've already been thoroughly impressed by the life-changing Intelligent Personal Assistant , now everything to like about BMW is parked in one place. Experience tomorrow's technology with engaging exhibits, exclusive giveaways, and the opportunity to get a first look at brand new models and launch of THE 1.

Nine chefs, 13 events. Remember The First Monday in May? It may just be the best way to enjoy imperial art and mythology through the elaborate embroidery of culture. Speaking of Scandinavian, join in the Swedish tradition of feasting on crayfish this Saturday.

Sustainability is not a trend, so roll up those sleeves and dig down into urban farming. Meet local concepts and vendors who are ready to share on nutrition and food resources through a variety of interactive workshops. Plus, you get to shop fresh while supporting local and doing your body and the world a favour. Swiss luxury watchmaker Zenith celebrates its 50th anniversary of the legendary El Primero with an immersive pop-up exhibition that's a massive m 2.

This family-friendly weekend event includes popular movie screenings every day too. Be there or be square. One of the most iconic spots on Sentosa is turning Catch Asia's only wave house and the Amazing Race featured destination in its full glory one last time. It's that time of the year again where the outskirts of town transform into an interactive light show that binds heritage and art together. We imagine it can get overwhelming with the abundance of activities available, so it's good news that you can now create your own Singapore Night Festival trail!

View the full programme line up here. You've seen the cartoon and the movie, now watch 'Friend Like Me' and 'Arabian Nights' amongst the enchanting musical numbers performed live. The Disney classic is produced from the same team behind The Lion King, so expect the impressive sets, special effects, lavish costumes and stellar cast bring you into a whole new world. How would you like a say in the best cocktail that represents Singapore?

Potato Head Singapore is inviting you to celebrate their fifth anniversary in a truly special way. Presented by Collective Minds and Kampong Boogie, the event has its name spelled out for you. Here's your option of hanging around a crowd without it being such a scene. Classic to new, funny to thought-provoking; this year's array of movies leave you spoilt for choice. Watch under the stars with good food and good booze, so book fast because tickets are selling out. Our tiny island's tiny island always has something going on. What sort of monster are you if you don't love cats?

No we're kidding but not really. Step back into the Colonial Era with iconic food and performances from the '30s. Themed 'Savour Singapore in Every Bite', have a go at early immigrant influences and authentic ethnic dishes, all for just 50 cents!

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Wonder what goes into making a successful runway show? Be in the know and pick up new skills with Buro. Singapore, who has founded a pop-up institution in partnership with Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore TaFF t0 provide fashion insights through a series of intimate classes and panel discussions. The first of three workshops focuses on the impact of fashion weeks and delivering a smooth runway presentation. Overlooking the manmade beauty of our bay area, the Esplanade is a great place to hang out any evening of the week.

Yes, that got your attention. This year's edition of Singapore Food Festival cooly coincides with our nation's Bicentennial shenanigans, so all the more celebration of local chef collaborations and culinary innovations. No better name for a competition that pushes your limits and puts your money where your mouth is.

This year sees four challenges designed around battle ropes, and if that's not enough, participants can now compete in the new Elite Category with increased intensity. Cash prizes and other limited edition prizes to be won by the top two male and female athletes.

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You can interact with the printed ephemera in installations like The Zine Library, immersive sound experiences, and diverse selections from over 90 local and international exhibitors. Raise your dedicated anniversary drink and pay tribute to your beloved boybands and cult-favourite ballads.

How often does a club lounge partner with the Embassy of France to throw a party? Show up and you might just be featured in a video of each participating city's party broadcasted at the Eiffel Tower.

Kids Birthday Party Venues

This International day of Yoga, Pure Yoga occupies the outdoor gardens for you to breathe, stretch and meditate the stress away. Through three unique classes including partner yoga, all you have to do is bring your mat and be early. A "hummus infused partnership" for "re-injecting sporadic doses into the local stratosphere" is pretty much what Juicy is about. The pseudo hush hush event is by invite only psst: click the link above. Habouji Presents Juicy happens 14 June, from 10 pm at [redacted].

Axwell, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, bright lights, fireworks, sick beats and dope drops. Together with Mugic, get ready for a bizzare party with good food, music, a trippy dance floor and of course, another social mural to be a part of. What happens when you encounter something that's blatantly aggressive or provocative and impossible to ignore or avoid?

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Featuring works by emerging and established pop and street artists that include Banksy, Mojoko, and Whatshisname, this exhibition will make you wonder if Mickey is playing Russian Roulette or just shooting blanks for fun. Esplanade's imaginative performance festival is back with art and sound installations by local and international artists. From circus arts to interactive smartphone orchestra, experience a different side of life on the flipside.

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Now that we know who placed on Asia's 50 Best Bars and the official Gin Partner , let the annual cocktail celebration begin. Get the best out of the festival here. Featuring 27 titles, you are definitely spoiled for choice. Whatever LuLu does, she does it big. You want a Monaco, James Bond-themed night? You get a giant-sized dice, playing cards, and many more surprises for the glamorous casino-style black carpet affair, which will see separate sets of international entertainment from jazz to burlesque each night.

No better way to experience summer evening than at an outdoor cinema. With 14 films to pick from or less, now that the award-winning titles have been fully booked , enjoy live music as the sun dips before settling into you deck chair under the stars. Beef lovers rejoice.

No really, drop everything and rejoice. Award-winning Japanese steakhouse Fat Cow has granted your wishes and released a limited spread on the Nagasaki Wagyu in Omakase-style for the very first time. In a variety of techniques from charcoal-grilling to steaming, experience beef like never before.

The consumer tradeshow that needs no introduction is back this weekend. Bringing back specially invited overseas and regional designers, it's otherwise the best way to discover new brands and get your hands on items unique to you.

It might just be an understatement to say that the new nightlife destination is going over the top for its launch. As the saying goes, go big or go home. If that's too much of a mouthful, just think— ballin'. Pet owners, be delighted to know there's a one stop shop of pet products and services this weekend. Catch educational talks, performances and best of all, partake in engaging pet-focused competitions. Pet lovers are not left out.

Start your journey at the adoption drives by pet welfare organisations. Ever wondered what gifs on giant LEDs, vertical and floor screens look like? Now you'll finally get your curiosity sated. Along with touch interactive installations, magic mirrors, AR face transformations, and a GIF cinema, you can also catch VJ music performances or just chill out with a beer on the bean bags.

This long-running, large-scale event is back. Lighting up the heart of bayfront, the carnival boasts new rides to an already extensive list. Ah Pat or ex-Pat, all are welcome to celebrate this big green event.