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Forced to work for the very place which drove him out of business, surely things can't get any worse for Rob Greenacre, ex-greengrocer. But he didn't reckon on his new customer services manager, Pamela Published on words, a flash fiction site inspired by picture prompts, April An obsession leads to heartbreak Published on Writers' Village, an online resource for writers, as runner up in their short fiction competition, January Published in "Cosmic Vegetable", an anthology of humorous sci-fi from Dreamscape Press, December Fergal Flower - he'll find your power!

Unfortunately, most superpowers are not, to tell the truth, particularly super Yet when a lady comes to see Fergal having "lost" her quite-useful-actually superpower - then their friends start disappearing, one by one - something mysterious is afoot.

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He can only rely on his brain to save the day - and a little help from his friends The print edition pictured followed in June A team-building exercise for a failing insurance sales team leads to some unexpected revelations Published by Dreamscape Press in " Worlds", an anthology of "lightning quick" stories, October Surely a trip to Triton shouldn't be this much trouble Published in the 10th Momaya Press Annual Review, October She swears, if she hears so much as another nanosecond of panpipes ever again, she's going to go freaking nuts.

Her surname is Bull and this is a china shop she works in, so that is no idle threat Had she got on with her old music teacher, maybe things would be different. But who's that sitting at the 'Play Me' piano outside? And why the silence?

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Published in issue 11 of Prole Magazine, August He's only popped in for a coffee, he and his good lady, and now he's thinking of guns. It's that guy right there, manning the milk-frother. It's been well over twenty years since their paths last crossed But as he loses himself within the sharp corners of his memories, it's not altogether clear who has been doing the targeting Published in "Stories for Homes", an ebook anthology of stories to raise funds for the housing charity Shelter, July So, Katie and Steve's new house has a green door - just like their last one.

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It's the colour of change and renewal. Gotta be a sign.

I need it for the discipline and the deadlines. I need it for the coruscating feedback which keeps my feet firmly on the ground and shows me how far I have to go before I can get anything perfectly right. Alex Keegan is a great teacher.

source He is forthright, passionate, honest and totally uncompromising. This can come as a shock to writers from other sites who are used to unspecific praise or harsher words wrapped in niceties. He has always been generous in helping beginners, both in running Boot Camp for many years without payment until his own circumstances forced him to start charging, and in contributing to other writing sites, though shaking people out of complacency is sometimes seen as unwelcome.

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The Henry Riley story covers his birth, education, conditions for factory workers, family life and work, the feminization of work, juggling child care, as well as later life in the lead up to retirement. There is a cyclical theme to this story.

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Kurt Lewin published in volume 1 issue 1 of Human Relations and, almost 70 years later, that same article is revisited and has become one of the most downloaded Human Relations articles of all time. Similarly, Henry Riley starts his working life in a chocolate factory and returns to it years later, but not necessarily to better conditions. In , she co-founded The Short Story competition and has run it solo since www.

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