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Today is April 1st, and you're probably getting some really good practice telling pranks apart from real things in our increasingly absurd world. It's a good…. The map is not the territory. Maps are extraordinarily useful for mental compression of information but can blind you.

The worst blindness is not where your map is wrong but the aspects it does not even consider and cannot accommodate. One interpretation of Fingerspitzengefuhl, finger tip feeling, is an intuitive understanding of breaks in your own and others maps. With it you can see the breaks in others maps. This jives with my own belief that you get a lot of advantage by paying attention and being observant.

Many people seem to navigate by maps only. They also don't seem to pay enough attention to actually notice when their map is wrong. Try talking to an accountant about how your business is doing. You'll see what I mean. So why do I mention all this in the context of Die Hard? McClane explores the tower—called Nakatomi Plaza—via elevator shafts and air ducts, crashing through windows from the outside-in and shooting open the locks of rooftop doorways.

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  3. The Truth About Telephone Scams (FT Press Delivers Elements);

If there is not a corridor, he makes one; if there is not an opening, there will be soon. A great essay that I've read many times. It presents one of the best explanations of smooth vs.

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Think of the way a taxi driver drives, ignoring lanes, cutting through parking lots, making right turns from the left lane. Most drivers see the road as a divided group of lanes with rules and restrictions. The cabbie sees it as it is, a single piece of smooth asphalt, and treats it as such.

Rick Scott R on Friday signed….

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Indonesian 'Hobbits' may have died out sooner than thought. Liang Bua, a limestone cave on the Indonesian island of Flores. The Liang Bua Team prepares for new archaeological excavations. Credit: Smithsonian Digitization….

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I love EVE Online. It's so damn cyberpunk. Scientists have created a synthetic organism that possesses only the genes it needs to survive. But they have no idea what roughly a third of those genes do. Was getting caught part of your plan? Of course! If you were…. Humans may have burned the Shire when they arrived in Indonesia.

In a recent conversation about the new class of doomsday…. Human complete problems are the hard problems for humans like finding meaning, earning a living, life the universe and everything. Human complete problems are infinite games. Some of them contain sets of finite games. This provides an interesting way to classify AI, potentially more interesting than the Turing test. Can AlphaGo make a living as AlphaGo? Can the Google car get fired from being a self-driving car and retrain itself as a piece of mining equipment, quit Google and start a job as a party bus.

There's a lot more packed into this post than that but it's a start. Just and somethings.


But actually, not all and somethings are moving back to the cities. Our veins are swimming with immune cells of many different kinds. Some bear the memory of previous infections, in case we should encounter them again; some are…. Possible second Viking site discovered in North America. The "Lofotr" viking ship and the smaller "femkeiping". Both recosntructions based on excavations from the Gokstad find. The time that Tony Fadell sold me a container of hummus.

On May 15th a critical Nest product will go dark. Sociology degrees are not useful for much, but one of the things a good sociology education gives you is a healthy disrespect for sociology. Bright-eyed and…. A good critique of a couple of widely shared pieces of rationalist "amateur sociology" and a look at how frustrating and difficult sociology is in general. What cyberpunk was and what it will be. We often forget when predicting the future that it will inevitably continue to change.

Whatever we dream up, however utopian or dystopian, will be subject to…. Posted: April 8, Author: Filed under: Uncategorized New technologies almost always seem to have less soul than whatever they replace. Music streamed…. A more nuanced explanation of what happens when old forms are destroyed. More than the usual, "O tempora! The album was a bundle of a certain amount of music, packaging, things to make the packaging interesting liner notes , that while dictated by the form of distribution nonetheless proivided a context for music that is absent in something like Spotify.

What are the consequences of those kinds of losses? I know a married man and father of two who bought a twenty-one-room motel near Denver many years ago in order to become its resident voyeur. With the assistance….

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First appeared in the February issue of The…. Right now, people are having sex with a computer. I don't mean that they're having sex with a RealDoll or similar—although I'm sure they are. I mean that there…. An effort led by the billionaire Yuri Milner aims to send a fleet of small probes there. The ape has the same sensitive spots: under the armpits, on the side, in…. Chip implanted in paralyzed man's brain helps him regain use of his hand. Jamis Buck Mar 28 11 min read To Smile Again Recovering from the paralysis of burnout Take a moment and imagine: what if you could only smile with half of your…. I am on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted.

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I know this because I have…. If this is true it is a heart-wrenching indictment of the drone war. Great story, unbelievable story. An exploration of 'splaining. The author presents a view that much 'splaining that goes on is a mismatch in communication styles. She defines two styles one based on social status and one based on information sharing. Much 'splaining is due to one party communicating in a social status style and the other in an information sharing style. The explanation of New Yorker communication style is a very good example. This seems right but she ignores that the bird website I love this nickname has a large population of dishonest sea lions and trolls and they mix freely enough with the rest of the population that a lot of genuine 'splaining is going on and it's very hard to tell non-mailicious 'splaining from malicious 'splaining.

The examples she uses are also fairly innocuous and not very emotionally charged. The stakes are fairly low when correcting someone about UNIX history, as opposed to say racism. UNIX history doesn't really touch on a priceless value. Also, she seems blind to the status games that are played with the community of information sharers.

They are different, but they are there and the assertion that information sharing status games are not zero sum is complete bullshit. Information sharers just can have different kinds of arguments without affecting status. Christopher Hitchens, from dove to hawk TLS.