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Who were the Blackfeet People?

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Welcome to the Blackfeet Nation Blackfeet Reservation

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Member of an American Indian people who migrated from the Great Lakes north and west into the Saskatchewan River valley, Canada, and Montana, in the early s. Their name derives from their black moccasins. Like the Plains Indians , they were skilled buffalo hunters even before they acquired horses and guns in the 18th century, and had a warrior culture. White settlement and the near extinction of the buffalo in the s ended their nomadic lifestyle. Most now farm reservations. The Blackfeet were renowned for their horse riding skills, and maintained large herds of horses; stealing horses gave a warrior prestige.

Buffalo and other big game provided nearly all their basic needs, including food, clothing, and tepee covers. During the winter the Blackfeet dispersed into scattered hunting bands to follow the buffalo herds, but came together in the summer to celebrate the sun dance, their main religious ceremony.

Native Americans: Piikani Indian History and Culture (Piikani Nation)

Other important rituals included the sweat lodge and buffalo tongue ceremonies. All major ceremonies were presided over by an elderly medicine woman.

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A fiercely aggressive people, they drove weaker groups from their lands and fought with their neighbours, taking scalps. In past years, the buffalo Iinii was the staple of the Piikani peoples life. Buffalo provided every aspect of the Piikani culture from, food to cultural and spiritual uses.

Buffalo served as one as the most coveted economic sources for the Piikani during the height of the fur trade. The territories rich grasslands and foothills provided perfect habitat to support buffalo all year round. The Piikani people controlled the economics of the territory by controlling the Hudson Bay, French, American and Spanish fur traders from migrating freely through North America.

This was important in controlling the arms trading and horse trading. The military might of the day. Researchers: Lowell C. Jason Plain Eagle. Blackfoot Traditional Territory Map.


Lecture: Charles Russell and the Blackfeet People | May 31, 12222

Siksika Nation. Blood Tribe.

Tsuu Tina. They ate deer, elk and the wild vegetation in the area they occupied, such as berries and wild turnip. They utilized many parts of the animals they hunted for clothing, shelter, fuel and ceremonial needs. For a list of events and partnering organizations visit www. Cart 0. Sign In My Account. Niitsitapiiksi: The Blackfoot People Long before the first European settlers arrived in North America, Indigenous peoples were living and thriving on the prairies in southern Alberta.

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